Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Plan of Sorts

My mom has given me permission to turn my old bedroom at the house into a workshop. Or Mad Scientist's Laboratory as I like to call it. It would appear that I'm going to have to wait until after Heath and Suzie's wedding before I can work on setting it up. I found a few things when I went shopping on my birthday, mainly just things that I found to be pleasing aesthetically, but I did come across this amazing Pyrex coffee pot. I think it will be great for double boiling.

Everything that is in the room is going to have to be rearranged. It didn't take long after I moved out for it to become a storage room for junk (some of it my own). So the first thing on the list is to have a yard sale. All of those porcelain dolls given to me years ago are taking up way too much room. Besides, if I sell stuff that means more money for essential oils, right? That's great considering it's going to take me a while to save that much money. I estimated that it will take probably over $300 to get a comprehensive collection, and that's just the oils. There's still carrier oils, bottles and all sorts of other supplies I'm going to have to acquire too. Thinking about it is making me anxious. No more books, no more stuff just for the hell of it, and no fast food (not that I enjoy it anyway). All money saved goes to the Jar of Dreams.

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