Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Note About Infusing

Note to self:  Do not ever try to infuse Honeysuckle again. I tried it twice, and both times it smelled rancid and horrible. Never again.

I have a new infusion I'm attempting now, however. Using my fractionated coconut oil I'm trying an infusion of local roses. I have tried so hard to find the actual rose's name. No luck whatsoever. Apparently "Tyler Roses" don't actually exist, and yet somehow that's all I hear about locally. There are vendors that sell them out of the back of their vans in front of the grocery stores for $2 a dozen. They smell absolutely amazing. And so it brings us to my latest oil infusion project, I'm going to infuse my roses in the oil multiple times, then after I get the strength of scent that I want I'm going to add in a few other things to give it a smokey woodsy smell. I'm excited. And impatient. Some of my supplies are on their way to me in the mail as we speak.

Now this particular batch of roses are a peachy yellow color, but they don't smell as strong as I remember them smelling from last season. Perhaps the red ones or darker colors smell stronger. Nevertheless I will be smelling my fair share of the selection before selecting one for the next step. I found that the amount of oil I was using for this infusion required the petals of roughly half of the roses. So I stuck the rest of them in some water to keep for a couple of days, until the first switch. This morning when I went to pluck the roses I found that it hurt a piece of my soul to dismantle the beauties. This specific rose made it extra hard:

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A quick post

I have more developments to share later, but first I wanted to do a quick post before I leave. My boyfriend knows how much I love the Tumblr called Handmade Ryan Gosling (, it almost kindof annoys him I like it so much. So this morning I wake up and find this picture as the background of my laptop. He forgot the "Hey" but I'll forgive him.
Such a sweet gesture for him lol

Friday, April 13, 2012

Best discovery ever?

After much searching and looking for information I have found the best possible source of information!! Fellow perfume enthusiasts who have a Yahoo Group specifically for discussing Natural Perfumes! I'm so excited! Who better to talk to about it then people who know about it?

I hope that this is an opportunity to not only learn more about the process and trade, but to also make new friends. How great would it be to have friends who have the same passion as me?

Friday, April 6, 2012


I came to a realization last night that hurt to think about. This project will cost me roughly $600 dollars. Which is almost exactly how much I need to take my last and final class to get my Associates Degree. Part of me doesn't want to do the responsible thing. No, a big part of me. School isn't easy for me I've learned. I always thought that I would take college in stride, but after last semester with my massive bouts of depression, anger and stress I've learned otherwise. It's not that I'm not intelligent, it's just that the school environment hasn't been a good place for me to learn. I want to learn what I want to learn, but that's not okay in society today. Oh you took some courses just because you wanted to learn the subjects? Great. But they don't count towards your degree plan, you get bupkiss. They don't have courses for the things that I want to learn, at least not here anyway.

So here is my final conclusion: My heart's desire will be put on hold indefinitely (most likely somewhere close to a year) in order to obtain a piece of paper that says I took the classes they wanted me to take.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


There's nothing sweeter than a childhood memory scented by honeysuckle. It was always one of my favorite things about visiting my grandmother's house growing up. The bushes were so out of control that they were threatening to overtake the pathway to the front yard. I didn't mind. You could smell the sweet buds from across the yard. Few things are better to me.

One of the difficulties I've come across in this process of preparing to make perfumes is that honeysuckle essential oil is nearly nonexistent. When you do find it, it is so outrageously priced that it's not worth it. I noticed last year that at my apartment complex along the fence, there are honeysuckle bushes. I did some more research (no surprise there) and have hopefully found a way to help capture the scent of honeysuckle. 

I took as many flowers as I could manage to pluck from the bush (most hadn't bloomed yet) and put them into a baggy. I squeezed the flowers through the baggy gently to lightly bruise them (hopefully releasing more oil).

Next I put them into a clean mason jar. 

I'm quickly learning why it's so expensive to make honeysuckle essential oils. You think you have enough flowers, but the truth is, you don't. 

Next I poured in an entire bottle (16 oz) of Grapeseed Oil and shook it all together gently. 

Now it is resting peacefully near the windowsill. Here it will sit for 2 days. After 2 days, the process will be repeated using the same oil from the first batch. It will be repeated a total of 3 more times. Considering that the flowers didn't smell as fragrant as I recalled, I will most likely be repeating it again another time or two. 

Here's to hoping. Wish me luck.