Tuesday, March 20, 2012

So confused

I have done a massive amount of research for my perfume making plan. One thing that I keep coming across is conflicting statements regarding the use of alcohol in perfume. Some claim it's illegal unless you obtain a permit from the ATF, some say it's perfectly okay. Well? Which is it? I went straight to the source to try to find the answer and ended up right where I started. I still don't know. And I don't know who to ask to find out.

In other news, I am completely disappointed. Being new to all of this, I didn't realize that there is no such thing as essential oils from fruit. Oh sure a few citruses, but no fruit like strawberries or melon. They can be found in "Fragrance Oils" instead of "Essential Oils", but the problem with that is that FOs are artificial and chemical, kind of defeats the purpose of making natural perfume. I suppose I'll just have to stick to the normal things. Good news is, I did find a couple of sellers that have Cocoa and Coffee EOs. Yummy!

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