Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Note About Infusing

Note to self:  Do not ever try to infuse Honeysuckle again. I tried it twice, and both times it smelled rancid and horrible. Never again.

I have a new infusion I'm attempting now, however. Using my fractionated coconut oil I'm trying an infusion of local roses. I have tried so hard to find the actual rose's name. No luck whatsoever. Apparently "Tyler Roses" don't actually exist, and yet somehow that's all I hear about locally. There are vendors that sell them out of the back of their vans in front of the grocery stores for $2 a dozen. They smell absolutely amazing. And so it brings us to my latest oil infusion project, I'm going to infuse my roses in the oil multiple times, then after I get the strength of scent that I want I'm going to add in a few other things to give it a smokey woodsy smell. I'm excited. And impatient. Some of my supplies are on their way to me in the mail as we speak.

Now this particular batch of roses are a peachy yellow color, but they don't smell as strong as I remember them smelling from last season. Perhaps the red ones or darker colors smell stronger. Nevertheless I will be smelling my fair share of the selection before selecting one for the next step. I found that the amount of oil I was using for this infusion required the petals of roughly half of the roses. So I stuck the rest of them in some water to keep for a couple of days, until the first switch. This morning when I went to pluck the roses I found that it hurt a piece of my soul to dismantle the beauties. This specific rose made it extra hard:

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